My Weekend Getaway to the Borough of Brooklyn…

Recently, I did a stay vacation in Brooklyn, NY. One of the reasons why I love Brooklyn is because each neighborhood has its own feel. However, there is one common theme that runs throughout Brooklyn –COOL. Yep, Brooklyn is the new home of NYC cool. The first stop on my Brooklyn tour was the neighborhood tucked away in the area affectionately known as Dumbo, “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.” This cobblestoned street community is reminiscent of its early days as a major seaport that has been transformed by local boutiques, amazing restaurants by the water, and absolutely stunning views of Manhattan. Take a look (that’s me acting like a tourist, under the Manhattan Bridge).


What’s My Fashion Look?
Oversized trench with flared sleeves (Banana Republic) serves as a great way to jazz up basically a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. To add a little more pizazz because I was in the home of Cool, I wore colored jeans vs. standard blue. Fashion Tip: Whenever I don’t have a necklace to pull my look together, and it is a casual outfit, I hang my shades around my neck.

With an eye to sustainability, much of Dumbo is repurposed space such as this bridge underpass that serves as a food/concert space.

My next stop was Bedford-Stuyvesant, known by New Yorkers as Bed Stuy. Of course, no staycation would be complete without a little shopping. To my delight, I found Peace & Riot (401 – 403 Tompkins), a boutique designed with the twist of a curated department store featuring locally sourced home goods, vintage clothing, and hand-made jewelry. What a delight.

Be sure to stop by Khalilah Beavers of Bed-Stuy’s Shirley + Alice vintage boutique. A great selection of vintage accessories to pair with modern pieces to create new looks with items in your wardrobe. Stay tuned for upcoming feature posts on – Shopping Your Closet.

Jacqui J

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