Season’s Inspiration

Summer Fashion Trilogy

For Summer 2019, my game plan is to have Fun, Fun, and more Fun.  With this much Fun, I better make sure that I am looking cute.  Since my theme for the year is Shopping My Closet, accessories are going to be my go-to pieces.  Let’s talk summer fashions from head to toe.

Hats – Shades – Bags

I am having a moment with hats.  For the longest, I wouldn’t do hats.  No real reason, I just wouldn’t do them.  As I show off my grown girl style, hats are becoming one of my latest obsessions.  I’m talking big and small brims.  Hats are a great statement piece to dress up or dress down an outfit.  Given the versatility of hats, I plan to sport them quite a bit this summer.  Here are some tips on how to find a hat that fits your face and style.    

Le Chapeau…

Quick Tips for Picking the Perfect Summer Hat:

  1. Since there is a good chance that you might be taking your hat on the road, find one that crushes nicely and goes back easily to its original form.  Sure, you could carry your hat through the airport, but it’s more fun to be able to pack your hat away until it is time to be worn.  For this reason, I tend to stay away from handmade straw hats that look adorable but fail to travel well.
  2. Play with the right hat size.  While I know we shop mostly everything online, go old school.  Get into a car, drive to a mall, and try on hats.  Believe it or not, stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Century 21 carry selections of hats.  Because they will have multiple varieties you will be able to see what works best for your face, body type, and personal style.  When I’m trying on a hat, I am checking to see how it works with my face shape, how the band fits the crown of my head (too big or too small), and how much of my face can be seen.  While I am wearing a brim, I still want to be seen.    
  3. Pick a hat that will be versatile meaning you can wear it with multiple looks – sundresses, jeans, and shorts (yes, Fashionistas think about wearing shorts – lookout for an upcoming post on different types of shorts).  Quite honestly, the traditional tan straw hat is always a winner.  If you wish to add some wow, you can always tie a scarf around the hat.  For this look, do a bright vibrant scarf with multiple colors.  Hot!!!!!
Shades change the whole mood of the outfit. Always wear my shades!!!!
Just changes the vibe…

Because my thing for 2019 is bold fashions, I like my shades the bigger the better.  Let’s face it, you put on a pair of shades, and they change your whole attitude.  They bring a sense of coolness to all looks.  Because there is nothing worse than the old lady look of needing to always pull up your glasses on your nose, make sure your shades fit.  Secondly, I make sure my shades match my outfits meaning I don’t wear leopard pattern shades with a floral outfit.  That’s a whack balance.  For that reason, I often don’t buy shades with patterns.  Now, I will add variety with them with the cut of the frame and the color (I get mad compliments for my red shades).

Bag Lady…….

As you read this post, it is important to know that I am a bag lady.  Bags are my cherry on a sundae – they top it off just right.  Similar to my game plan for my shades, I do my bags with the same theme – big, bigger, and mo’ bigger.  I also tend to go to color when I think about the perfect summer bag.  Here are some of the bags that I will be sporting this summer.