Season’s Inspiration

This fall is all about the things I love about fashion – making a statement, taking risks, and showing off your best you.  I am not certain whether the resurgence of the color red has anything to do with 2017 being the year of Girl Power, a nod to women empowerment, but crimson is clearly the winning color of the season.  Power red is not just showing up in the boardroom, but you see it when and wherever she wants.  Red is being worn without reservation.  Often you would see red as an accent color to bring pop to an outfit with a more neutral palette.  For fall 2017, she is boldly wearing red on top of red.  The other thing that is exciting about this moment of red is that she is wearing red satins and velvets that are creating silhouettes that are reminiscent of a sense of femme fatale.  XOXO the power of red.

Source:  Elle Fall 2017 New York Fashion Week Trends