Have you heard the saying – let your feet do the talking?  Well, booties are making a statement.  Yep, the bootie is the new statement, fashion piece.  The big thing now is booties with glitter, exotic patterns like floral or leopard, and peep toe designs.  The fancier the bootie look; the better the style.  What’s great about the statement bootie is they turn drab into fab.  Booties easily transition a work outfit into an evening look.  I often jazz up my office style by pairing my booties with conservative bottoms like a pencil skirt with pinstripes (I love to pair masculine patterns with feminine designs) or a basic black pant.      

Statement booties are great complements to flowy or straight dresses or skirts, and of course jeans.  When you wear your booties with pants, make sure that they are cropped, or the pant leg can be rolled up to ensure that the bootie can be seen.  Remember, it is the bootie that’s making the outfit.  As we move into the chillier seasons, booties work great with leggings (tucked in) or with textured tights.