Curator’s Choice

I love that we match. When your look is insync with a fashion guru, it’s a good look.

While so much of fashion seems to be about what we wear, fashion for me has evolved to include who you can meet.  Recently, I attended a panel and pop-up featuring Jonathan Bodrick, Mr. Celebrity stylist extraordinaire, and TV personality from “Born to Style.”  In his candid chat about why he made the decision to use fashion to express himself and build community with others, he made me think why fashion.  

Plaid on plaid, now that’s style. No, that’s Jonathan Bodrick style.

Yes, why fashion?  Jonathan’s reply was simple because fashion starts from within.  The beauty we see in ourselves is manifested by the style we show, be it on the runway or in our everyday lives.  Jonathan shared his painful realities of being stylish at a young age in a family and community that limited his self-expression.  Through this experience, he gained the courage and the will to let fashion be his canvas to share his talents and his vibrant personality. 

Fashion makes me smile.

Jonathan challenged the audience to think about why we may pause with the thought of wearing a particular outfit.  Are we holding on to beliefs from our past or opinions of others that restrict how we dress?  In this 30-minute discussion, Jonathan challenged us to liberate ourselves to embrace our style.  Through fashion, Jonathan champions that we honor the beautiful fashionista who lives within all of us.  It was perfect that he closed with, “Give yourself permission to get out of your comfort zone – it’s just clothes.”    

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