New Nordstrom NYC Store – Amazing

I am a bag lover. This is me enjoying the lovely bags at Nordstrom.

In a time when stores are shuddering their doors, Nordstrom makes a big splash in the New York market with the much-anticipated opening of its east coast flagship on 57th (235 W 57th St.) a mere two minutes from Columbus Circle.  Actually, they opened two stores, Nordstrom Men’s Store and a seven-story masterpiece fully dedicated to styling, dining, and shopping for the savvy fashionista.  I spent about three hours on Saturday taking it all in from the two floors of cosmetics (yes, beauty for days) and their jaw-dropping shoe floors.  Not to mention the seven restaurants.  These are my top five reasons why I think Nordstrom on 57th street is absolutely amazing.

Generously sized waiting/fitting room area.
  •  Store Design – In NY you typically experience two types of store architecture – new space that is tightly built because of trying to maximize sales per square feet or renovated older spaces with charm but weird structural challenges like poor lighting or abnormally high ceilings that make the space feel more like a cave (this was one of the problems with the Lord & Taylor on 5th Ave).  Not the case with the new Nordstrom design.  The best word to describe the store is AIRY.  While filled with merchandise, the aisles are adequately spaced, and there are several displays that stand alone to create an open environment that feels more like a loft versus a downtown department store.
  • Exclusives for Days – Nordstrom’s merchandising team must be exhausted from all the negotiations they pulled to acquire the number of exclusive items in the store.  I mean from the Valentino metallic shoe collection to the countess handbags designed solely for the Nordstrom shopper.  FABULOUS.
A wonderful team sharing insight about the store. I loved the style of the team. Peep this outfit.
  • Superior Service – While this isn’t new for Nordstrom, I feel that they have stepped up the service element to create a vibe like the one you get when you visit that special relative that goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable at their home.  No seriously, the sales/brand ambassadors are charming, knowledgeable, and appear to be genuine fashion lovers.  This is very nice and welcomed in the midst of busy and sometimes rude NYC.  Oh yes, the Nordstrom team members wear headsets so they can discretely stay in touch with their team while servicing clients.  The store is also adequately staffed, so you don’t have to work hard to find assistance.  I hate it when that happens. 
  • Cocktails Everywhere – Because the store’s vibe is all about making you feel comfortable, there are these charming individuals that casually walk around asking whether you would like a cocktail while shopping.  Love it!!!!  Hence me being at the store for three hours. 
If you get hungry while shopping, no problem. There are seven restaurants.
  • Yumminess – About two hours into my store shenanigans, I decided it was time to try one of the many dining experiences.  Since I was anxious to keep exploring, I sat at the counter of Bistro Verde (fifth floor).  I also went with the counter seat because it was an amazing people-watching spot.  To keep it light, I ordered the burrata, apples, and walnuts served on a baguette.  Absolutely delicious.  The apple, a tart but ripe green, was meticulously sliced into chunks accompanied by toasted walnuts. There was a slight drizzling of aged balsamic to create a bitter but sweet taste.  Placed on top with the utmost care was a generous portion of burrata on a plate lined with slices of a grilled baguette.  Of course, this feast deserved some bubbly, so I enjoyed a chilled glass of Veuve.  Lovely, lovely, lovely. 

In a time when we often feel like brick and mortar is dead, give online shopping a break.  Visit the Nordstrom on 57th street.  I am sure you will have many more thoughts to add to my top five reasons why the store is amazing.  Enjoy!!!

The store also has amazing visuals.

Jacqui J

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