The Purge – A Time to Release and Renew

In my closet thinking about what to keep, and the items I need to remove from my closet.

For as long as I can remember, December has always served as a time to hurry up and complete, where possible, my current year goals while starting to transition to the upcoming year mentally.  One way that I do this is a physical purging of my closet.  A time when I take stock of my wardrobe, remove items from my past that don’t need to be a part of my future, and start to envision what new energy, items, and ideas that I should be welcoming into my life.  These are my top three tips on how to do a closet purge that will set you up for an awesome new year. 

  • Make some money.  Since you paid good money, as my momma would say, for what’s in your closet, sell your old items.  This week, for my high-end designer wear, I am trying TheRealReal . This online designer consignment site allows you to shop and sell.  To make the process easy, they offer three means to collect your items for consignment:
    • Schedule a free home pickup.  Available in 20 metro areas.
    • Ship your items directly to them with a free, prepaid label.
    • Visit a Luxury Consignment office for a free evaluation and consignment drop-off.

Note, The Real Real’s consignment process is selective with what they will take.  Be sure to read their List of The Real Real Accepted Designers .

I am a big fan of ThredUP, the world’s largest online secondhand store where you can buy and sell your items for either site credit or cash.  I love them because they send a lawn leaf size bag that you use to ship your items.  I believe that the nominal charge for the shipping is reduced from the sale of your items.  Regardless, I like it because you don’t have to carry your items anywhere.  The bag can be picked up by the regular delivery services.  I also like that they give you an online accounting of how your items are selling.  The brands that tend to sell well on the site are Nike, Banana Republic, and Loft.

The items I packed up to go to storage. It is all about removing clutter.
  • Do good.  With the holiday season and the cold weather upon us, charity is always a great option. I have a rule, although I’ve not been good at enforcing it lately –  If I buy a coat, I must give a coat. For that reason, I am a faithful Goodwill donor.  Of course, don’t forget to get your tax deduction slip for your donation.  I also try to send my gently used work items to places like women shelters that often need work attire.  If I enjoyed an item, it makes my heart smile to think about someone else enjoying it too.
  • Clear your space and mind.  In addition to purging my closet, I also take the time to bring organization to my space.  As I am a visual person, the aesthetics of space impact my mood.  I find it very hard to think in a cluttered area.  Additionally, my NYC lifestyle has forced me to be a minimalist. For these reasons, I place a special emphasis on eliminating clutter to welcome new energy, ideas, and precious items into my life. 

Now that you’ve purged your closet burn a candle to cleanse the space, and take a deep breath to welcome in the new year. 

A clear space enables me to think clearly.

Jacqui J

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