What does this blog mean to me…

My love for fashion goes back to my days of playing paper dolls. The thing that I loved about paper dolls was that by changing outfits I believed that my dolls could change their mood, show their personal style, and most importantly live their dreams. Yes, I believed that all of this could be achieved by simply changing your outfit. As I grew older, my game of paper dolls morphed into this quest for success when I heard someone say, “Dress for where you want to be not for where you are.” That was music to my ears.

While I didn’t exactly know what I was doing, these were the beginnings of my personal style. I still believe that the right outfit can make your day, colors are an expression of your mood, and how an outfit fits you is a glimpse into how you feel about you. I also believe that to express yourself fully through fashion you must be comfortable with taking risks. While the risk may not always be a hit, you will always have a chance to do it again tomorrow. Trust me.

From the perspective of a girl that loved to play paper dolls to my journey through womanhood, I am delighted to present Sophisticated Curation – the fashion blog for HER. Fashion is my outlet to share my style, passion, and aspirations.

Jacqui J

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